Reflecting on Last Friday…

As I walked around Edgewater this morning, it appeared as though there were more parents walking their children to school.  I grieve for these families in Newtown, Connecticut and while we mourn the loss of those killed on Friday, let’s take a few extra minutes to demonstrate love for our families today.  How often we forget to do the “little things” to make sure our family knows we love them.  Seize the moments given to you today to reflect the love of God towards those around you. Yesterday at church, Phill Howell reminded us that in the midst of a suffering world, we have a God who comes down to us…a God who is familiar with suffering and enters into it out of love for us.  This love is seen most clearly in Jesus Christ, the very reason for Christmas – the one who “saves His people from their sins.” (Matthew 1:21)  May we always remember to see the cross in the cradle and demonstrate the love of God to a world that desparately needs a Savior.  John 3:16

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